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Marketing Strategy & Branding

InterComm South Africa works with your sales team to prepare a practical, cost-effective Marketing Plan to define your competitive advantage and identify which advertising tools are delivering real sales leads and improving service levels.

Whether its a printed publication, an advert or a website, our eagle-eyed attention-to-detail ensures that it presents a professional, coherent message about your company.

Websites & Internet-based Applications

A web designer is more architect than artist – function matters! We are Drupal specialists who can write content, design AND programme.

We build moible-friendly websites and intranets to drive sales and corporate communications, and eLearning systems for training and education.

Advertising Design & Media Material

If your advertising isn’t bring in leads, let InterComm review your media strategy, and bring your media adverts up to date. We will help you choose the right magazines and newspapers based on readership demographics.

And we don’t take your 16% media commission or charge a percentage of every print job. You, the client, remain “hands-on” in terms of media bookings – and that’s no bull!

Magazine & Print Layouts

If you print a company newsletters or brochures, let InterComm do your typesetting, design a new masthead, clean up editorial, source royalty-free images and ensure a professional, quality marketing and communications tool.

We have won numerous awards for our clients for magazine, brochure and annual report writing, design & production. We’ll but the “fizz” back into your corporate communications.

Websites & Online Media

Keep your internet website operating at peak performance with this quick health check!

1 : Does your home page try too hard?

Have you noticed that many websites make it almost impossible to find what you’re looking for? Your attention is drawn to a dozen places at once – and all shout “me, me, me!”

How does the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 affect your company’s communication with your customers via email and the internet, or your relationship with suppliers.

You may be affected by this Act if you send or receive orders or proposals via email; you send out an email newsletter; or you are concerned about your personal information on the internet, hackers or cyber-crime

SEO scams work because you WANT to believe it is possible to fool Google.

One of the most common misconceptions in web site development, is that once a site is built and submitted to the search engines, heavy traffic is on its way.That's just not how it works… not even close!

So can't you just hire an expensive "expert" to get your SEO right? I'm afraid to say that SEO companies make money because we all desperately WANT to believe that we can cheat the system and get to page one of Google.

The same principles of marketing apply whether your store is online or "bricks and mortar". The site needs to make the RIGHT impression.

The Web is a relatively new medium yet the sheer number of "consultants" is overwhelming. There are the IT people, the design people, the PR people, the copywriters, the photographers, the developers,the SEO consultants and don't forget the social media experts!

"On-line project information at your fingertips!"

Web-based communication and technology can help your team members, managers and employees gather, store, manipulate and disseminate information, and then get feedback quickly and efficiently - all at a lower cost!

Briefing sessions are always interesting. At InterComm we believe that the brief is the most critical part of the project. Therefore the person who will take the brief is usually an engineer with BSc in a technology field. They will usually have around 5-10 years hands-on experience in programming, and a strong background in business management.

eLearning (or e-learning) uses the latest of electronic educational technology to enhance learning and teaching experiences. Conceptually, e-learning is a computer-based, internet-based virtual learning environment.

Education and practical skills development are critical for job creation. Despite the need for more and more people to be trained, schools and universities are still using the same methods as they have for 100s of years.

Moodle is the world's leading e-learning technology platform, and InterComm's first choice for clients who are setting up a corporate e-learning or intranet-based training system.

Moodle expects that employees will be unused to the system, and provides a simple, intuitive interface. However when it comes to the administrative interface, Moodle expects that educators and trainers are educated, literate, and that they use the system daily. It is therefore built for productivity and speed of editing.

Twitter has barely hit the radar of most South Africans.First, lets look at Twitter's social media competitors.

FACEBOOK pulls you in by insisting you MUST have an account before you can see that cute baby picture from your friend. And your friend will be devastated if you admit you haven't seen the picture, so you join under a fake name and "friend" 6 old school-buddies. For most users, Facebook is less about sharing and more like friendly stalking.

Let me be perfectly honest, I don't think the social media is worth much as a marketing tool.

That makes me something of a pariah in the marketing world, where so many people and companies are trying to make a living from convincing companies that it's critical. Why am I out of step with the rest of my industry? Well... experience. I have found that it quite simply doesn't work.

A world-class website must take into account audiences' needs, brand continuity, page layouts, information architecture, navigation, functionality, cross-browser compatibility, accessibility — the list goes on.

And then right at the end, the web copy finally arrives. By this point both the client and the developer are exhausted and just trying to finish the job as soon as possible. In most cases, the text has been extracted from years of brochures, profiles, documents, presentations and advertisements. There is also usually also a fair volume of "copy-and-pasting" off Wikipedia and competitors websites